Google Weaving Stop-Time

Google Weaving Stop-time, is a collaborative weaving project made for the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial 2018 organised by Emelie Röndahl, where invited hand-weavers from around the word to learn about and share knowledge of how to weave a ghiordes knot. It’s curated by Jan Boelen with the theme “A School of Schools”.

All fabrics are based on images found under the Google search for “textile labour Turkey”
It is a physical encounter of tradition, tactile knowledge and craft. It evokes questions of how the internet influences our day-to-day lives and our perception of the world.

You can see all the process:

KEEP AN EYE ON,  Francesca Piñol, Barcelona, Spain.

Size: 61 x 92 x 9 cm. – Material: warp: linen – Weft: yute

I have reused the jute that belonged to the Catalan artist Aurelia Muñoz.

Vegetable fibers that acquire an unusual volume with the Turkish knot. Natural fibers, reused, for a greater respect to nature.

2018-2019 Google Weaving Stop-time at the “A School of Schools” exposed at:

-Salt Galata, Estambul, Turquia. From September 22th. to November 4th., 2018.

-Luma, Arles, Francia. From April 27th. to May 26th., 2019.

-Z33, C-Mine, Bélgica. From June 28th.  To September 29th.,  2019.