Bangkok Biennial Cloud 9 Pavilion 2020

Cloud 9 is a pavilion in the sky curated by artist Anne Murray.

Cloud 9 is a utopic vision for the future and a critical eye to the present. Artists and writers such as Aristophanes with his play The Clouds to Cloud Conversations’ platform for artists combatting global issues of discrimination and climate change, have looked to the clouds for inspiration and imagination. The expression ‘you are on Cloud 9’ has been used to imply both the incredible state of happiness of new love, while also implying ‘you have your head in the clouds’ meaning you are living in an impossible world positivity. Here artists use their critical vision, imagination, and curiosity to strive for something unimaginable and to shed new light on past, present, and future realities related to love, politics, and society.

2020, Oct. 31st-Nov.21st 


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